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frequently asked questions

The (productName) secretarial office can be technically set up in the blink of an eye as per your request.

Simply click on „book now!“ and fill in the order form. once you have submitted this onto us you will receive an order confirmation via email

this email includes a price list, our terms and conditions as well as a link to forward you to our website you may submit further personal instructions by using an extra form here

As soon as the set up of your profile in our system is completed we will possily get in touch with you to discuss any further questions directly.

You will now receive a further e-mail notification indicating your personal call diversion number. 11883* - Ihr Office Partner is now ready for use!

Your details can be …anytime under…. at the local rate 02131 - 31 36 555 complete or amend or simply sent us an email to info@ihr-office-partner.de.

your company details

the company details that you have submitted to us will be forwarded to your customers by us accordingly

your opening hours

please submitt your opening hours in order to enable us to inform your customers accordingly.

further information

Is there anything else we may inform your callers of? We shall be pleased to pass any further information onto your callers on your behalf.

message of the caller

we will note all relevant basic details of your calles, such as name, phone number, request, and email address if necessary In case you would like to receive further information we will of course also take care of this.


please select in which way you would like to receive our notifications:

  • notification about completed inquiries
    would you like to be informed about the subject of the calls we have answered on your behalf (e.g. inquiries on opening hours, etc.) then you select this item
  • by sms
    please let us have your mobile phone number for this reason
  • by call
    please let us have your phone number Attention! Please note that there is no call forwarding activated for this phone number
  • by email
    Another Tip! Please add info@ihr-office-partner.de to your contacts in order to avoid that our messages will be forwarded to your spam folder

welcome text

create an own text template or chose one of the most common templates

sms to your callers

we shall also be pleased to forward the relevant information by sms if requested

as soon as you intend to use the mobile secretarial office you simply initiate the call forwarding to our site The facility of call diversion is simple and does not require special technical knowledge. In case it is getting tricky for your anyway our staff will be glad to assist you In order to do so please apply to our toll-free number daily from 08:00 to 16:00 hrs or let us have an email

set up call forwarding – android

  • open the telephone function (app)
  • please press the symbol above with the three dots next to the menu bar and select “settings”
  • select „additional settings“
  • select „call forwarding“
  • select „voice call“
  • please select „always forward“ and then insert the number indicated in the email confirmation you have received by us

set up call forwarding – iphone

  • open „settings“
  • please press „telephone“„call forwarding“and push the on button for call forwarding
  • please insert above the phone number you have received with our email confirmation
  • please finish the process by using the „back“ button

by the way! Unlike to the android system, the iphone will forward every call as soon as this function is active – regardless of whether the battery of your mobile phone is empty or your phone is in flight mode.

Call diversion via GSM-codes

The following GSM steering codes are compatible with almost all mobile phones and smartphones. replace „PHONE NUMBER“with the personal call forwarding number you have received with our email confirmation

call forwarding activate deactivate check status
All incoming calls **21*phone number# ##21# *#21#
if busy **67*phone number# ##67# *#67#
if number is not available **62*phone number# ##62# *#62#
per time interval (in seconds) **61*phone number**ZEIT# ##61# *#61#
at the same time, if not available, busy of after a certain period **004*phone number# ##004# *#004#
you will receive a message with all relevant details immediately the call with your customer has been completed. as per your request you will be informed by email, sms or even fax. This will enable you to always be up to date regaring your business.

A tip! We recommend to make a functional test in any case in order to go sure that everything is set up as per your request.

After setting up your profile, you have the option to test 11883* - Ihr Office Partner with 20 calls. Of course this is completely free for you. There will be no call charges for telephone calls.

how to test us:

  • after having received your personal call forwarding number please install it at your phone as described above
  • now call you on forwarded phone number by using a different telephone
  • Call forwarding connects you to our call center and your call is answered by us.
  • As confirmation that everything went well, you will now receive a notification about the call you have made.
  • please inform us immediately in case anything should not work out as requested

by providing your personal call forwarding number we recognize the destination of incoming calls automatically.

A Tip! You may also communicate this phone number directly . This will enable you to be available always.

our prices

set up charge 0,00 €
basic charge 0,00 €
call cost per second (second-by-second timing) 0,015 €
Call Forwarding per second (second-by-second timing) 0,015 €
sms per sms 0,09 €
fax per fax 0,09 €
E-mail to your customer per e-mail 0,09 €
E-Mail to you free

do you have further questions?


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